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LadyBird Conveyancing - Managing Partner: Wayne Marks


My name is Wayne Marks

I am the Group CEO for LadyBird

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My Background

A successful banking, insurance and financial planning career spanning over 30 years provided Wayne with the perfect platform to venture into his own business. This experience allowed him to understand the value of looking after clients, building strong relationships and growing a high performing team and business.

Wayne is the CEO of the LadyBird Group (LadyBird Home Loans, LadyBird Law & Conveyancing and LadyBird Wills & Estates) and is charged with overseeing the management of the entire group as outlined by the board. His key responsibilities include: 

  • Developing and implementing business plans, budgets and strategies.​

  • Ensuring the organisation’s operations, affairs, corporate risk, business and financial performance are within the parameters set by the board.

  • Designing, implementing and overseeing policies, processes, codes of conduct and cultural expectations.

  • Providing strong and clear leadership to a growing organisation of 30+ FTE across various industries. 

Wayne lives in the western suburbs of Brisbane with his wife.

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